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do you know

how much the neighborhood
deli grocery or fast food
franchise makes a year?

  • Dollar stores 12.2 billion
  • Grocery stores 8 .5 billion
  • Juice shops 3.5 billion
  • Liqure stores 5.5
  • Fast food franchises 47 billion
  • Supermarkets 46 billion

“Purchase a
business on
your own or
join an


a company that will…

  • Get me financing
  • Pick The best business for me
  • Find the best location
  • Build the entire store for me
  • Train me or Manage store for me

“Go into business for
yourself but not
by yourself”

imagine no longer

welcome to the world
ultimate restaurant group
will provide for you

why do owners love our service
for starting a new business?

We find the best locations.
We handle the construction.
We supply all the equipment.
We help expedite all license & permits

we provide all the services you
need to start and manage a
business all under one roof

  • Financing
  • Buisness Concepts
  • Site Selection
  • construction
  • management
  • equipment
  • licenses & permits

credit-based investment

We secure you a loan to join a franchise partnership. Your portion of the profits pays off your loan while building your credit and making you a business owner at the same time.

Franchise Partnerships

Where you join in with other like-minded investors to buy a business, sharing in the profit of the business

Business Development Packages

All-inclusive build out package including interior and exterior construction. All equipment tiles & fixtures, signage and license and permits needed in order to construct and operate store.

We will build any store efficiently and for less. We purchase all material and equipment at wholesale rates and we pass these savings on to you.