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Franchise Partnership: where you join in with other like-minded investors to buy a business, sharing in the profit of the business. Purchase stock For as little as $5000.

Joe wants to buy a McDonalds that cost $250,000 but Joe only has $25,000 so he finds several other people to join in investment with him. They form a corporation, purchase the McDonalds and contracts Ultimate Restaurant Group to manage the McDonalds for their corporation.

The McDonalds makes a profit of $ 40,000 a month after bills, the profit is dived portioned to your investment, Ultimate Restaurant Group charges %10 management fee, which leaves 90% ($36,000) to be divided amongst the investors.

Joe $25,000 10% $3,800
Keven $15,000 6% $2,280
John $30,000 12% $4,560
Brinda $40,000 16% $6,080
Shawn $25,000 10% $3,800
Julie $50,000 20% $7,600
Brian $15,000 6% $2,280
Alex $20,000 8% $3,040
Nelson $30,000 12% $4,500

Credit based investments :

We secure you a loan to join a franchise partnership. Your portion of the profits pays off your loan while building your credit and making you a business owner at the same time.