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Restaurant renovations: Does your facility need a facelift?
We will remodel your store allowing you to have better customer APPEAL.



Whether it’s a small redesign or a
large-scale remodeling, from
concept to completion we’ll walk
you through a STREAMED PLAN.


Design & Develop

We’ll design your restaurant
layout, down to the placement
of each table and each appliance.
We’ll provide unlimited revisions,
reworking everything until you


Project Delivery

By hiring URG, you’re hiring an
expert contractor who can handle
any restaurant renovation project
and complete it as fast as anyone
and faster than Almost everyone.

create an unforgettable dining experience for youR guests

As you know very well, the restaurant business is one of the toughest – to get into and to succeed at. And it’s
especially challenging in Manhattan. With a potential clientele that is knowledgeable and demanding and with so
many great restaurants that they can choose from, how do you stand out? Of course, the food is key. But so is the
atmosphere. A design that is truly compelling doesn’t just create a great dining experience; it creates a memory that
clients savor long after the meal is over…a memory that brings them back to you.

Our services include:

  • On-Demand/Break-Fix Maintenance Servic
  • Exterior Siding, Stucco, or EIFS, Masonry Repair
  • Light Pole and Exterior Metals Painting
  • Wood refinishing, paints, staining
  • Flooring installation and repair.
  • Carpet, VCT, LVT, Ceramic Tiles, Ha
  • Ceiling replacement or restoration
  • Graphic removal /installation
  • Fixture and furniture installation and resets
  • Electrical and Mechanical Servic
  • Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • Restroom repairs and upgrades
  • Wall preparation and repair
  • Ceramic wall tile installation
  • Site Surve

Our Design experts will sit down with you at your location and design a stunning enviting layout that you and your customers will love.