Promote yourself to Ownership


Are you an experienced restaurant manager that is thinking
about owning your own restaurant?

Would you like to have ownership in a Nationally Known Restaurant Franchise?

If so, consider working with Ultimate Restaurant Group, a New York City based enterprise that has a wealth of experience helping prospective business owners achieve their dream in the restaurant arena.

At Ultimate Restaurant Group, we will help you obtain the funding that is required to open a franchise restaurant and we will promote you to investors in order to help you develop a successful franchise concept.

Restaurant Managers with a good level of experience are in demand for investors looking to profit from the fast food industry. We can help you have ownership in a Nationally Known Franchises that averagely gross 700k to 1.5 mil per location such as :


Here’s How:

Your experience in the restaurant industry makes you a valuable asset to a lender looking to invest in the lucrative fast food franchise market.

Our team will develop your business plan and an investment proposal

We target traditional lending programs based on your experience and credit, also Angel investors who have fewer requirements than traditional lenders.

We focus on three main ingredients to get you approved for financing

Your experience

The right franchise

The right Location

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We will make sure you earn a decent living immediately while educating you on different expects of the restaurant business from Equipment to Merchant Services

You will be joining a Network of Restaurant Managers focused on Ownership and Success., visiting stores owners on a daily basis promoting your and others Investment proposals as well as merchant service options, restaurant equipment , store renovations or new store all-inclusive development , this will afford you the opportunity to make great commission, build residual income streams and ultimately secure investors for your franchise development project,

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